This confusing world

I have been writing my book all through out, this TIME OUT, with covid. I’d decided to keep the pandemic in small letters, just to reminded me that it will not rule my life because I am choosing to reclaim my power back. I didn’t mean to give my power to it. But, hey, walking and talking with mask on my face to cut off people and all that I care about in my life, it’s only natural that my power has been leaking out of me, slowly, but insidiously.

In the mean times I’ve found out some detrimental information about concerning all of us, humanity. Some of the people who are famous and got filthy rich is trying to forcing mandatory vaccinations with tiny chip in it for verification of the participation. Ultimate purpose of this vaccination is to shrink the population into one half. That’s their answer to all this climate challenges and pollutions, especially in our oceans. They have started in poor regions of Africa and India, already, killing many children or crippling them. Certainly, I understand the frustration of needing to educate people and helping them to practice the importances of stop littering. It surmount to impossibility when eating one meal a day is luxury for so many who are beyond poor, to practice recycling systems.

We need much better educating ourselves and every citizens. I live in Colorado USA. We have recycling bins in our HMO, but not everyone participate in them. It is such a big problems for people to do just a little more effort in environmental exercises when everything is provided, here. Expecting poor and hungry people to not to dump their trashed in water is like near impossibility, I grant that. However, just plainly committing genocides to get rid of all of children like a street rat is beyond my comprehension.

I have been so angry after discovering this information that I fell during my hike and had slight concussion, which caused not able to writing for a week. During the recovery, I’ve realized that I was giving my energy to the people I was angry. I lost my power to them, eventually. No, I gave them voluteerly, of my power by getting angry and lost my equilibrium. I felt fragmented, totally, and had to regroup myself and recentered.

I have been thinking about what ways that can change the world, instead. Not giving into “Divide and Conquer” approach. Even when I’m hiking over 10.000 feet high in mountains, people show up in their masks and act fearful. People are no longer sharing the comments of beauties and free breaths. Instead they are holding their breaths until you passes by. So, how do we normalize ourselves, in this abnormal situations?

We must re-create safety within ourselves. We must en-vision new possibilities. Coming up with a new love stories in our lives would be fantastic idea. Re-build our communications among the loved ones. Co-creating something beautiful with friends, even through distances. Bring out new projects around you. Please, do not watch news that will immobilize you with fear. Deep breaths into your heart and ask your heart that what can you do to make it feel safe. More than ever, we’ll want to limit negative input in our lives. The world isn’t going to blow up in near future that we need to keeping tracts day and night by watching news. Fear, anxiety, feeling close down, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, lethargies, tiredness, depression, panicky, victimized, and suicidal can be the effects this segregation.

Be well! I’m here to assist you into light, if you reach out to me.