5th dimensional Living

What is the 5th dimensional living? It’s a myth, fantasy, hope, and dreams of many. There’s even a vocal group named as 5th dimension since 1965.

majority of humanity was not aware that we have been living in 4th dimensional reality, since late 1950’s. So what’s the characteristics of 4th dimension? It is about opening our hearts. Through revolution against wars, holotropic breathing, as well as, psychedelic researches and sexual freedom enabled the door to our hearts wide open. It was all part in the evolution of humanity. By now, most of us are aware of our hearts and relating its issues. We are becoming to conscious of our heart pains and traumas of it. It’s taken 60 plus years to start understanding that most eddictions are related to escaping from our pain caused by traumas.

What is the 5th dimensional living? It’s a myth, fantasy, hope, and dreams of many. There’s even a vocal group named as 5th dimension since 1965.

Due to COVID and forced separation from social distancing

Due to the late(hopefully) COVID, humanity was forced to separate from each other in social distancing. But it, also gifted us time to reflect and stop from our madness of focus in physicality. It’s the secondary meaning of the 4th dimension is manifestation, the understanding of the Law of Attractions! We have become swefted by the physical manifestations that we lost our balance. We became “I” society! Usually when we grow older most of us lose “I” oriented thinking. But the last couple of decades, if you wanted to survive in job markets, people were forced to embrace narcissistic behaviors. So in a way the COVID was a gift to humanity, I believe. Otherwise, our existing society were fast approaching the end of life, as it were.

Now that we understand the Law of Attraction and aware of the results of traumas in our hearts, we must learn how to heal the hearts that are in pain. Also we must learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest bigger game, the 5ft dimension. It will not be provide to us freely. We must work together to know what it is that we really want that which we will manifest for the whole humanity. To do that we must work together as in global communities. In other word, we have to envision it together. We will give up egoic thinking and severe narcissism to support each other, encourage each other in collaborations into co-creation. During the process, we will adopt feminine principles and let go of reptilian brain behaviors. Willing to open to thoughtfulness and mindfulness living.

Often people ask me what it’d be like 5th dimensional living. My answer is, it’d be conscious living which opens to our higher gifts of ourselves and become the children of the Source. We have lots work cut out for us. The quickest way to get there is to getting to know ourselves, including learning how to forgive ourselves. When we forgive ourselves we no longer needing to forgive others.

So many people worry about the health of external ecology. I say that when you work on internal ecology the nature will reflect back to us. Besides, when you become a conscious person you will not be putting poisons into your body nor would you be putting poisons into your backyard!

Do you think we can start participating in actively getting to know yourself? I believe we can, as long as we are willing to stop minding other people of what they are doing or not doing! We are powerful beings, all of us. We can let go of insecurity of not enough! We have everything what would take to become who we are meant to be, the children of Mother and Father God. We can become balanced beings of masculinity and femininity.

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