Mind, body and spirit Coaching & mentoring. Change your mind and change your life!

You break the chains that holding you back.

  • Life purpose & direction.
  • Life strategy.
  • Financial difficulty.
  • Negative thoughts and energies.
  • Repetitive and destructive patterns.
  • Broken heart & relationship issues.
  • Trauma and drama and karma/past-life.
  • Boundary issues.
  • Depression, addictions. & health issue.
  • Inability to connect with your authentic-self.
  • Intergalactic issues.

Let me help you be the best you can be. You are a being with infinite potential. You deserve to be top of the world. And I can help you get there!

*As a successful coach of mind body spirit & healer, mentor, Chong Bhakti follows multi-traditional techniques to help reconnect your soul’s destiny.

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