Mind, Body and Spirit Healing & Life Coaching

“If you can change your mind, you can change your life!”

Break the chains that hold you back.

  • Discover life purpose & direction.
  • Learn life strategies.
  • Past life regression.
  • Negative thoughts and energie release.
  • let go of estructive patterns, saboteur.
  • Finding joy after broken heart, loss, and toxic relationship.
  • Healing from trauma, drama, karma, and past-life patterns.
  • Thriving in the middle of COVID-19.
  • Life beyond depression, addictions, emotional, other health issues.
  • Reconnecting with your authentic-self.
  • Opening heart to fall in love with yourself.

You are a being of infinite possibilities!

You deserve to claim your birthright of happiness and joyful life.

I am gifted and can help you to realize your dream and your purposes!

*As a powerful, intuitive healer & coach, I utilize customized strategic tools that are multi-traditional, shamanic, and multi-dimensional. I desire to assist you in your life’s purpose and master it in a short amount of time.

Life can be like a simple road map to follow, when you know how to navigate it!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Life is about narratives!
    One of my specialties is to help you discover your old stories related to traumas that ruled your whole life. To be healed, you must create new narratives in place of the disruptive old stories so you can finally be released by old traumas.
    I help break the chains of chaos and pain so that you can build a joyful life. That is what I do and love!

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  2. Elana Dewey

    Mr. Dave Barnett introduced me to your spiritual work. I am most interested

    I have lost my way. I am unemployed. I have no family. My blood family do not like me.
    I have 61 years in this form. I am better than I ever was. However, I am not been successful in securing work.

    I sometimes feel like a walk in. I am not. I was never stayed in my body until I broke free from my mother.

    When I have work, I can schedule a session with you.


    1. Thank you, Elana,
      It’s so sad that you are struggling so! For your life to change for you, you must surrender your Will to the Spirit/God/Mother of all creations. Ask her to help you to surrender your Will. We can’t make it work by holding on our wilfulness and ask for help, same time.


  3. Elana Dewey

    I listened to your pic cast tonight with Minister Mr. David Barnett. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for an incredible teaching.


    1. Dear Elana,
      Thank you for your kind feedback. You might like an interview with Paster Aaron Tomlinson, “Why have you Forsaken Me?”, Where is God in a Crisis with Chong Bhakti” I’m writing a book, now, which I’m hoping to publish it before the election?
      May you be blessed with peace of mind during this scary time!


  4. Addy


    Working with you has truly been a blessing. You’ve taught me lessons that I will hold in my heart forever and use daily! You have made such an impact on my life and am forever thankful to you! The traumas I used to carry were a weight on me that I unconsciously allowed to rule my world. However, my “new” story is the REAL me and hold myself to her every day now. Thank you x a million- you are amazing!!!!

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  5. Colton

    Chong was awesome at helping me figure out where my anxiety came from and how to overcome my problems with solutions to incorporate.Every session was very enlightening! 5/5

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