Did you know that time is flexible in nature? Sure we have 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 30/31 days in a month, and accept in February. A year is 365 days or so on. we are so conditioned that most people think time is flat, unmoveable, and linear. But it’s not. Have you ever been expecting a specific event and can’t wait for it to start? Most of you experienced that. I’ll bet that you did, too. That’s when time seems to move so slowly. When you are rushing and feeling like you are running out of time, it moves at torpedo speeds. Your heartbeats become louder and faster, out of control, with stress hormones taking you over. That’s when time seems to go faster, and very soon, you ran out of time.

We all experience the opposing relationship with time like that! However, as I said, time is flexible. It’s all matter of how you are relating to time. If I needed to be at a specific time at a specific place, I don’t have the leeway of extra minutes to get there. it’s just fine. I’ll envision that I’ll get there at that specific time. The condition of using that technic is to trust and not to look at a watch or cell phone to keep taps of time. Instead, I rather trust I’ll get to the place, on time. When the occasion is important enough, I’ll use my energy to guarantee my arrival time by using mantras that I’ll get there on time. It never fails me. But you know what? It takes so much more energy to manipulate the flexibility of time. So I’d rather get to the place of expected earlier and not use efforts to challenge time.

We can use the same concepts in all things in life. When we are willing to open our minds and eyes, we can change many things in our lives. Keeping our eyes glued to tv news, watching all the negativities going on all over the world, instead, we can envision the outcome of the world that we want. Negative plus negatives won’t make them positive! We want to focus on our own wellbeings, minding our own businesses. It doesn’t matter what the governments are doing, the economists are saying. We’ve always had doom-sayers. Always had people criticizing other people, putting down one religion or another. Relied on other people to make us happy to go hunt new girls or boyfriends to fulfill the missing part in our hearts. MMOFB is what I say. Seriously, minding my own f…ing business is a full-time business. Honestly, it’s not as thrilling, or it won’t make gossip materials. It gets boring sometimes to look into my own reflections, but in the end, I feel better about myself, and I like my own company.

An older client once told me that I need to keep up with world news. That I needed to be better informed. I said that’s not true. I am informed, just not of the World’s most tragic stuff, every day. I am dealing with so many people who are suffering anxiety disorders. If I was keeping up with the world news every day, I may have to be on tranquilizers, too.

There are so many wonderful and exciting things going on in this world, if you are willing to look for them. New ways to treat cancers and other diseases, new technological developments, new ways to deal with old traumas, and on. There are tons of information about everything in all kinds of free sharing sites, of almost every possible curiosity, are happening since Covid started. I grant that not all of what you see or hear is correct or have good intentions, but that’s always been this way in this world. That brings opportunities to practice discernment. After all, it’s always about evolutions of humanity. Our great achievements are done with many challenges, not without.

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