New Time

(Part 2)

It has been a tough time for all of us. We have lost most of the Fairweather friends(seasonal friends) from our lives. In some ways, it’s a good thing not having to deal with those of high-maintenance friends. But on the other hand, it stripped into bear necessary people around us. That can be good but bring us feeling somewhat lonely. Most of us have been dealing with work situations and segregated to home life. Same time we have been dealing with all six retrograde planets, which have brought our shadow-self onto right under our noses. It has been intense! Congratulations to all of you who have survived the ordeals! I hope you are learning a few essential things about yourselves through the shadow self. The more I know about myself, the better I can become the person whom I respect and love.

Luckily, I have learned a thing or two over the past. One that’s most important to me is to ask myself a single question. “What am I learning?” or “What can I learn from this lesson?” Asking the question helps me immediately, from victim place to proactive mode. I believe that all challenges are opportunities to discover ourselves. When I find myself whatever stops me from moving forward and getting stuck, if I remember to ask the question, it helps me realign myself and get proper perspectives on all problematic situations. The second practice that works for me is trusting myself and trusting the Universe or the Source to back me up if I put myself in a hole that’s too big for me to climb back up. Third, finding ways to move my body in motion is another practice that enhances my thought patterns. The final one is meditation. By the way, these practices have no particular order. Because sometimes, meditation first, which helps me to remember to ask the question next.

There are so many who are predicting doom and economic downfall. In a way, they aren’t wrong in their opinions. Everything is changing. The way we are dealing with money will change, as well as social structures. Don’t you think that it has to change if it would support humanity into a higher form of civilization?

What we need is to change the way we think and do! We must let all fear-based thinking, start to open our hearts. The brain without hearts brought us to this mass we are in. We must integrate our mental aspects with matters of the heart. It doesn’t imply you walk around with flower signs. It means that we must acknowledge the intelligence of our hearts by working together with our brains. The hearts will show us what to do and how to reach the destiny of humanity. We are traumatized through and through from the moments of the birthing process. Not only that we carry all our ancestral traumas in our DNA, which keeps us stuck in the most primal aspect of our brain. It’s the brain that controls us in the fight or flight stages and has served us in surviving up until now. By now, we need to let go of relying on the primitive side of the brain and developing to our logical side of the brain. Allowing the frontal side of the brain to be developed, plus leaning more to our Gut-brain and Heart-brain, to teach us new ways of being. In other words, allow our body to teach us how to become beyond war-loving creatures of the primitive. Many people thought that our bodies aren’t smart. However, that has been proven misunderstood thinking. When I feel like I’m getting sick, I tell myself that “I am healthy”. Guess what I become healthy! My body is always listing to my thoughts and my self-talk. Is my body intelligent? Yes! It is. When I trust myself by listening to my guts it gets me out of situations that might be dangerous and keeps me safe. If I meet a stranger and my gut tightens up, I’d better walk away. If the gut warms up when I’m about to meet someone, it’ll be a good thing for me to make a time somehow.

Imagine if I call our civilization Universalians. What does it mean for you? Can you accept the concept? It means we’ll have to rise above the way we see ourselves, beyond Homosapiens. What if we become evolved enough that we can let go of narcissistic “I” to “we”? From exclusivity to inclusivity will require much more advanced thinking and doing.

If we listen to our guts to have a voice to help us eat the better choices of food that can also raise our vibrations and promote our body to operate into optimal health. By now, most of us who have good mental faculty know how to survive. But we’d need to do better than just surviving in this life if we want to make difference in moving forward as citizens of evolving beings. We are at the critical junction where we catch have to commit to higher goals and dreams beyond making money. Money is not going to save us! We are way past the stage of continuing the same habits and attitudes that burying our heads in the sand and expect other people will help us get there, where ever there might be.

We need to take our responsibilities and start envisioning the next world that will sustain the possibilities of human life. As is, by 2030, we won’t have enough oxygen for us to breathe to live. We must work together alone or as groups changing our way of being and our ways of doing. We need to start conversations and start working together to find ways to open hearts and let go of all fear and inhibitions of all the ways we can forgive and love ourselves. The more you open your heart more courageous you will become. Then you can be the cause of changing other people by showing them the safety of opening their hearts. This is the way of ascension. When we are open and our hearts are cleared from all our toxic fears we become so powerful and we can change the world.

So, my friends, let us start now, please! Let us envision the world where we become the citizen of the Universe. We’ll become the Universalian!

Thank you!