Where do we go from here?

So many people seems to have frozen in their fear states with this pandemic. None of us knows when will this COVID-19 will be over or what will happen after the pandemic is done. This is my belief that non stop watching news will only perpetuate the sufferings and it will exacerbate the fear more and more, as time goes by.

What can we do to make things better? Maybe learn something new, instead of watching news? Read inspirational book about something or someone who had accomplished something you can admire? Learn how to put model plain together? Start exploring all the state parks where you live? Start learn to meditate? Writing letters to people who lives in nursing homes? Do online tutoring to kids who have trouble reading? One can take free webinar classes for any topics, now-a-days. There are more people want to teach how to anyone interested in any subjects. I know. When we get scared for too long, we get depressed. Then the depression saps all the energy and make us very tired. We then just wanted be left alone. After some time of that we can lonely and even more depressed. What a dubious cycle that is!

The way I can get of the unending cycle of defeat is to start asking a different questions. If I get depressed, I ask myself, “What can you learn from this?” If I find myself doing self flagellation because I had made mistake or said something stupid, I ask myself, What are you learning from that?” If I’m bored, thank the God that doesn’t happen very often, I ask myself, “What do you want to do that’d be nurturing or fun?” If I’m angry or disappointed, I ask myself, “What is that about? What can you learn from it?” It always comes down is not to put responsibilities to other people and bring it back to me. Because, If I pointed blames to other people, I’ll be losing my power over them like handing the power over to them, bedsides I’ll be wasting lots time getting upset over things I have no control.

I feel that there are always opportunities learn things at any given time. When I’m walking in a mountains forest I try to listen and pay attention to how the body feels. There are times when I encountered a bear. I was by myself and easy to get scared but I thought of things that I can do, instead. I’d needed get the bear’s attention to me because we were on narrow trail and he(?) was coming towards me looking for berris. Did you know that bear’s eye sights not very good? I’m a light worker, and so I’d brought down broad column of light to infused me which it got the attention of the bear. Then I started walking backward slowly, head down but looking side to side to avoid seeming aggressive. It was an exhilarating experience. I can still see in mind how how the light was shining between the tree tops onto his black fur and how beautifully he had looked at me before he had turned around and left. There were no malice from either party. In face it was the mutual admiration moments for both of us, I dare say.

My point is that there are always time to learn something without exception. It takes lot less stress to learn something delightful and makes me feel good that I get to have new knowledges. It doesn’t matter how or why things are the way it is and won’t matter who did to whom. What’s important is that we keep moving forward. I like to occupied myself what is that I want or what kind of lemonade do I want to make from the lemon. To me, that’s the “Road with least resistance”. Future is not predictable but I can always visualize what sort of the future I’d like to have and putting my energy to the vision. What about you?

This confusing world

I have been writing my book all through out, this TIME OUT, with covid. I’d decided to keep the pandemic in small letters, just to reminded me that it will not rule my life because I am choosing to reclaim my power back. I didn’t mean to give my power to it. But, hey, walking and talking with mask on my face to cut off people and all that I care about in my life, it’s only natural that my power has been leaking out of me, slowly, but insidiously.

In the mean times I’ve found out some detrimental information about concerning all of us, humanity. Some of the people who are famous and got filthy rich is trying to forcing mandatory vaccinations with tiny chip in it for verification of the participation. Ultimate purpose of this vaccination is to shrink the population into one half. That’s their answer to all this climate challenges and pollutions, especially in our oceans. They have started in poor regions of Africa and India, already, killing many children or crippling them. Certainly, I understand the frustration of needing to educate people and helping them to practice the importances of stop littering. It surmount to impossibility when eating one meal a day is luxury for so many who are beyond poor, to practice recycling systems.

We need much better educating ourselves and every citizens. I live in Colorado USA. We have recycling bins in our HMO, but not everyone participate in them. It is such a big problems for people to do just a little more effort in environmental exercises when everything is provided, here. Expecting poor and hungry people to not to dump their trashed in water is like near impossibility, I grant that. However, just plainly committing genocides to get rid of all of children like a street rat is beyond my comprehension.

I have been so angry after discovering this information that I fell during my hike and had slight concussion, which caused not able to writing for a week. During the recovery, I’ve realized that I was giving my energy to the people I was angry. I lost my power to them, eventually. No, I gave them voluteerly, of my power by getting angry and lost my equilibrium. I felt fragmented, totally, and had to regroup myself and recentered.

I have been thinking about what ways that can change the world, instead. Not giving into “Divide and Conquer” approach. Even when I’m hiking over 10.000 feet high in mountains, people show up in their masks and act fearful. People are no longer sharing the comments of beauties and free breaths. Instead they are holding their breaths until you passes by. So, how do we normalize ourselves, in this abnormal situations?

We must re-create safety within ourselves. We must en-vision new possibilities. Coming up with a new love stories in our lives would be fantastic idea. Re-build our communications among the loved ones. Co-creating something beautiful with friends, even through distances. Bring out new projects around you. Please, do not watch news that will immobilize you with fear. Deep breaths into your heart and ask your heart that what can you do to make it feel safe. More than ever, we’ll want to limit negative input in our lives. The world isn’t going to blow up in near future that we need to keeping tracts day and night by watching news. Fear, anxiety, feeling close down, anger, helplessness, hopelessness, lethargies, tiredness, depression, panicky, victimized, and suicidal can be the effects this segregation.

Be well! I’m here to assist you into light, if you reach out to me.


I can’t say that it was unexpected. Though, it has been painful to dealing with all the inconveniences, the results of COVID and it’s sudden effects it had brought to us was shocking. I feel sad for all those people who are suffering in state of frozenness.

What am I learning from this situation? What’s the lesson that I am supposed to learn? Is there a silver lining for me? What can I let go of so that I won’t hold fear in my heart space? Is there anything I can learn and adopt in my life to become a better person with this crisis? What ways that I can connect with people? How can I help those in need? These are all valid questions that will allow us to move forward in our lives.

One thing that seem to come in my mind, repeatedly, is to forgive. Forgive myself of feeling afraid of unknown future. Change is inevitable! Everything that we thought we have acquired, or we thought we know are becoming useless in this changes. Imagine, a whole new world is being born, now. Therefore, forgiving all the situations, and all the people who may have hurt us is good idea to do it now. Let us travel light with head up high instead of carrying all the burdens of the past. So, let forgiving starts now. It doesn’t matter one way or another, to carry stuff on our shoulders won’t accomplish anything. Let us learn how to transform ourselves into a being of lightness by using COVID, now. It’s an opportunity for bringing metamorphosis into our lives. Let us embody our spirit into ourselves, and emerge into Fifth dimensional beings, that we are becoming!


Rebuilding your life foundation for the rest of life

Unlike some of people, most of us are wounded. Some wounds are fast healed, but some wounds last life times. And if you are like me, some wounds were so deep and hurtful within me that it had taken many decades for me to finally free from them.

It takes courage and understanding what it is the bottom of one or more challenges that keeps you down, or at the least, causing challenges in your life. Of course, if you are the person who are just a rolling stones in your life, it wouldn’t matter, would it?

I want to understand my life! I want to achieve my goals! I want to leave legacy when I’m gone, someday! I don’t want my life have no meaning, now or later. Don’t you?

My life is devoted to teaching or showing of you what I practice to myself. Help you ask questions that will help you into progressive direction so that not only you can come to understanding of situations but coming onto fast solutions.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned lot of things hard ways. I had taught myself and found many short cuts that can be user friendly and adoptable in shortest amount of time. I am a strong empath, that means, within a few minutes of your time with me, I will understand and help you come up solutions to your problems or issues and direction that will get you on the path of success, whatever that maybe.

Commonly, when a person have a issue that will over shadow in many areas of their lives. An example: When a child was told that he or she’s not smart from any authoritative person, even for just once, that can influence the person’s whole life. Even if the person might be very smart, their unconscious self will keep on harping with negative inner voices, as though it’s the fact. Therefore, causing issues and challenges with self confidence, in the person. Or the person may feel that he or she may have to trying to prove and trying to negate the inner voices. Low or lack of self confidence may affect in personal relationships, productivities, reaching goals or even setting any goals. The person may become reactive rather than proactive, causing many stresses.

By understanding in the causes of all wounds will put light on the solution. Getting rid of negative inner voice becomes almost a flict of fingers with clients. That’s why my nickname is “Magic Chong”

Holistic Healing & Coaching

My name is Chong Bhakti

I am a master healer, teacher and coach. I have been helping people for over 30 years, successfully. I am gifted with very strong empath, which I use to help guide people in most simple and direct way to achieve their success in their lives.

Helping people to move forward beyond issues and challenges in their lives is my purpose and passion.

We all have all that it takes to achieve what we want and what we want to be. I believe it is our birthright to create what we want in this life!

Often we don’t know how to get from point A to point Z, because our wounded heart from the past blocking our perceptions. I can help you clear all that. I can show you simple steps, and how you can get there, leaving all the baggages behind you, in very short amount of time.

With my strong gift in empathy, I can help you understand what it is that’s blocking you or stopping you. And I can help you let go of all that you don’t want or need, including toxic people, situations, health issues, or lack of self esteem. If you can see clearly what is that you want to create, then you will be able to make conscious and appropriate choices that will propel you forward into your dream life.

Serving you to reach your soul’s destiny and purpose is my passion in this life!

I can help you transform your life in short time! You will be empowered! It is truly magical to witness a life filled with uncertainty and painful into successful, happy life. With my help you can recreate yourself into confident, joyful, healthy, and prosperous person you are meant to be.

Learning how to find simple solutions and resolutions in all things in life, is what life is about. “As we evolve the Uniserve evolve with us.”