Small Blessings

So many things are happening in the world and our Universe right now. Of all things concerned, we must focus on how well we are doing. One of the rules of thumb is being grateful to be alive and having the freedom to change our minds whenever we want to. Whatever we decide, we can do something else when or where. We can feel sorry for ourselves or celebrate all our little and significant accomplishments.

I feel blessedly lucky that I get to live in the beautiful state of Colorado. To be in a mountain within 30 minutes of the drive is so cool! I’d been living in Denver metro for 30-plus years. I rather not live in the mountains, though. I tried a couple of times in my life and decided it wasn’t for me. However, seeing the hills near my place was the greatest pleasure I experienced over the three decades.

I find that the feeling of blessing is from the most minor things. Indeed, when something significant is beneficial t me, I get excited. But, in the meantime, I think how lucky I am to go up on the hills and let everything go back to balance in my life. Of course, you can tell me that I may be crazy, but visiting birds, squirrels, trees, and little plants gives me tremendous pleasure. Being simple and in touch with myself is an essential thing to me.

Spending time in nature helps me to see how insignificant I am if I am disengaged or dis-eased with myself. When I feel I belong and am one with the Universe and everything in it, I always feel just right. I get to monitor my thoughts and practice mindfulness so much easier. It is up to me to feel small, alone, and unsafe. Or I can change my mind and know that I Am part of the everyday miracle and am loved.

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