Where do we go from here?

So many people seems to have frozen in their fear states with this pandemic. None of us knows when will this COVID-19 will be over or what will happen after the pandemic is done. This is my belief that non stop watching news will only perpetuate the sufferings and it will exacerbate the fear more and more, as time goes by.

What can we do to make things better? Maybe learn something new, instead of watching news? Read inspirational book about something or someone who had accomplished something you can admire? Learn how to put model plain together? Start exploring all the state parks where you live? Start learn to meditate? Writing letters to people who lives in nursing homes? Do online tutoring to kids who have trouble reading? One can take free webinar classes for any topics, now-a-days. There are more people want to teach how to anyone interested in any subjects. I know. When we get scared for too long, we get depressed. Then the depression saps all the energy and make us very tired. We then just wanted be left alone. After some time of that we can lonely and even more depressed. What a dubious cycle that is!

The way I can get of the unending cycle of defeat is to start asking a different questions. If I get depressed, I ask myself, “What can you learn from this?” If I find myself doing self flagellation because I had made mistake or said something stupid, I ask myself, What are you learning from that?” If I’m bored, thank the God that doesn’t happen very often, I ask myself, “What do you want to do that’d be nurturing or fun?” If I’m angry or disappointed, I ask myself, “What is that about? What can you learn from it?” It always comes down is not to put responsibilities to other people and bring it back to me. Because, If I pointed blames to other people, I’ll be losing my power over them like handing the power over to them, bedsides I’ll be wasting lots time getting upset over things I have no control.

I feel that there are always opportunities learn things at any given time. When I’m walking in a mountains forest I try to listen and pay attention to how the body feels. There are times when I encountered a bear. I was by myself and easy to get scared but I thought of things that I can do, instead. I’d needed get the bear’s attention to me because we were on narrow trail and he(?) was coming towards me looking for berris. Did you know that bear’s eye sights not very good? I’m a light worker, and so I’d brought down broad column of light to infused me which it got the attention of the bear. Then I started walking backward slowly, head down but looking side to side to avoid seeming aggressive. It was an exhilarating experience. I can still see in mind how how the light was shining between the tree tops onto his black fur and how beautifully he had looked at me before he had turned around and left. There were no malice from either party. In face it was the mutual admiration moments for both of us, I dare say.

My point is that there are always time to learn something without exception. It takes lot less stress to learn something delightful and makes me feel good that I get to have new knowledges. It doesn’t matter how or why things are the way it is and won’t matter who did to whom. What’s important is that we keep moving forward. I like to occupied myself what is that I want or what kind of lemonade do I want to make from the lemon. To me, that’s the “Road with least resistance”. Future is not predictable but I can always visualize what sort of the future I’d like to have and putting my energy to the vision. What about you?