New time

(Part 1)

Time of changes are here! Manifesting lessons for higher purposes! Which means lessons of inclusiveness, co-creations, collaboration, and authenticity, spirituality beyond conceptualizations, and practise of compassions.

With this brand new energies came into our space, we are able change the aspects of our lives with so much easy and release things just by simple intentions. To be able to make choices and change, which means that we can change the life into who you really want to be, if you aren’t already be on your path. In the case of you are on your path means you will have the tools that you can use to excel and moving faster to your goals in quantum speeds.

What is that I no longer need? What don’t I like about myself? What is that am I lacking in my life? What do I want? It all goes back to the one simple but most puzzling question of “Who Am I?

What sort of qualities will I have that I don’t yet acquired at this time? Whom do I want to be? What kind of life would I want to have? Am I a good person whom I satisfied to be? What would bring long term satisfactions in my life? Why did I choose to be in this particular life, now? What am I supposed to do or achieve this life time? Do I have a higher goal or being lead in direction to serve? How do I serve? Whom do I want to serve? Do I want to serve humanity? What capacity do I have? What skill do I need to learn to serve the purpose? Each question leads to another one, doesn’t it?

When you are able to answer, at least some of the questions, you are moving towards right direction. I’m positive on that. When you are able to visualize the outcome of what you want or having it, or doing it, the life itself will bring you in the direction. You’ll let go and trust the process. It is so simple to manifest into your authentic self.

Okay, we’ve gone through the “Law of Attraction” and have had some fun with it. Finally, we are the graduate from that school of thoughts and understand the disciplines. It worked, or at the least, we understood it. Some of you even made fortune with it. Those of you who haven’t been able to make a fortune using “Law of Attraction”, know that you didn’t fail because you’re lacking qualities. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It may have been that it was not your life path to become fortune hunter or that your path may lay some other directions. I realized, very early on my life that wealthy banker wasn’t my life path. I had to scraped through my financial aspect of life, and because of that I’ve learn many wisdoms, otherwise I wouldn’t have in my life. I am grateful for the experiences which has been a different kinds of wealth gained.

(To be continued with Part 2. I’ll be sharing some tools with you in Part 2.)

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